Bleach and Vinegar Mix?

End of Lease Cleaning KewBleach and vinegar are very good cleaners. You can use them for cleaning different areas in your home. No matter how effective they are separately, you should never mix them together. Mixing them will cause a toxic chemical reaction, which can be very harmful to your health. Use them always separately.

Bleach is a solution that can be used to whiten and disinfect different surfaces. According to move out cleaning Melbourne, it can be very useful in the bathroom.

You can bring your old bathtub back to life. Pour some bleach over it and let it stay for a few minutes. After that, rinse with plenty of water. The bathtub will be not only made white again, but it will be also disinfected very well. Bleach is a very good disinfectant and you could use it for cleaning the toilet bowl as well.

Vinegar can be also used for different cleaning purposes. It is a good disinfectant and stain remover. Different carpet stains can be cleaned up with ease. Apply the vinegar directly to the stained spot and let it soak in the fabric. After that, blot the area and scrub gently if needed. In the end, it is very important to rinse with plenty of water to remove any residues from the dirt and vinegar.

Bleach and vinegar can be very useful in your home cleaning. Remember to use them separately, if you want to avoid a dangerous chemical reaction. If you face any problems with your home cleaning, cleaners Melbourne could help you very much.


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