Broken Shower Screens

Why Do Shower Screens Crack and Break?

Shower screens have become an essential part of modern bathrooms, offering a sleek and stylish way to enclose shower spaces. They provide a functional barrier between the shower space and the rest of the bathroom. However, despite their durability, shower screens can sometimes crack and break, leaving homeowners puzzled about the reasons behind these unexpected mishaps.

Let’s look at the diverse factors that contribute to the vulnerability of shower screens, unravelling the reasons behind their tendency to crack and break and why seeking professional help is often the best course of action.

  • Temperature Fluctuations:

One of the primary culprits behind shower screen cracks is the constant fluctuation in temperature. Shower screens are exposed to hot water during showers, followed by cool air once the shower is turned off. The swift fluctuations in temperature result in the glass expanding and contracting, imposing stress on its surface. This recurring stress, over time, can compromise the integrity of the glass, making it prone to cracks.

  • Poor Installation:

Improper installation is a common reason for shower screen failures. When installed incorrectly, the screen may not be adequately supported or aligned, resulting in uneven distribution of weight and stress on the glass. This misalignment can lead to cracks over time, especially if the screen is subjected to additional pressure, such as leaning or pushing against it.

  • Low-Quality Materials:

The quality of materials used in manufacturing shower screens plays a crucial role in their durability. Low-quality glass or poorly crafted frames are more likely to develop defects and weaknesses. While opting for a high-quality shower screen and professional installation might appear initially costlier, it proves to be a prudent investment in the long run. This choice can help save you both money and frustration by minimising the likelihood of cracks and breaks over time.

  • Impact Damage:

Accidental impacts, such as knocking shower accessories against the screen or dropping heavy objects, can cause immediate cracks or weaken the glass over time. It’s essential to handle items carefully in the shower and ensure that the screen is not subjected to unnecessary force. Children playing in the bathroom can also unintentionally contribute to impact damage.

  • Hard Water and Mineral Deposits:

Regions with hard water are prone to mineral deposits, which can accumulate on the surface of the shower screen. Over time, these deposits can weaken the glass and make it more susceptible to cracks. 

Consistent cleaning and maintenance play a crucial role in preventing mineral buildup and safeguarding the integrity of the shower screen.

  • Structural Movement:

Houses are subject to structural movements over time, causing the building to settle. This settling can result in shifts and movements that affect the alignment of walls and floors, indirectly impacting the shower screen. If the screen is rigidly attached to the building structure, any movement can exert stress on the glass, leading to cracks.

  • Inadequate Support:

Shower screens must be properly supported to distribute weight evenly. Inadequate support, such as using weak or insufficiently anchored fixtures, can concentrate stress on specific points of the glass, making it more susceptible to cracks. Frequent inspections of the support structure are essential in pinpointing and rectifying potential issues before they escalate into screen failure.

  • Manufacturing Defects:

While rare, manufacturing defects can contribute to shower screen failures. These defects may include weaknesses in the glass, frame, or other components that compromise the overall structural integrity of the screen. Purchasing from reputable manufacturers and suppliers can minimise the risk of receiving a product with inherent defects.

Wondering About Professional Shower Screen Fixes?

Are you struggling with the nuisance of a malfunctioning shower screen and wondering about the options for professional fixes? 

When faced with issues like leaks, damaged hinges, or misaligned doors, seeking the expertise of a professional can be the key to restoring both functionality and visual appeal. Professional shower screen fixes offer a range of solutions tailored to address specific problems, ensuring a durable and aesthetically pleasing result. Here are some key aspects to consider when contemplating professional shower screen repairs:

  • Leak Detection and Sealing: Skilled professionals can identify and address leaks promptly, preventing water damage and maintaining a dry bathroom environment.
  • Hinge and Hardware Replacement: If hinges or other hardware components are damaged, professionals can replace them with high-quality, compatible parts to restore smooth operation.
  • Door Realignment: Misaligned shower doors not only compromise functionality but can also lead to further damage. Experts can realign doors to ensure a proper fit and prevent future issues.
  • Glass Restoration: Scratches, stains, or mineral deposits on glass panels can be expertly removed, restoring the clarity and visual appeal of the shower screen.

Enlisting professional help ensures that your shower screen issues are addressed comprehensively, leaving you with a fully functional and visually pleasing bathroom space.

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