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Many Insects Live And Breed In Your Carpet

The common insects that are found in Australian carpets are:

  • Dust mites – These little critters cause so many allergy symptoms and they are found in furnishings and mattresses. We can also clean these too so that we can keep dust mite levels right down
  • Fleas – Yep these pesky little bugs can quickly enter a home and they will breed in the carpets. The lifecycle of the insect and eggs need to be considered and we detect fleas in the carpet we can also do a pest control treatment and possible follow up treatment if it is required
  • Carpet moths – If you see small moths within your home or notice damage to your carpets( loose carpet fibres start lifting out)., then there is possibly little larvae munching through your carpet fibres. Our steam cleaning will remove all the eggs and larvae and a pest control treatment will be needed to kill the adult moths
  • Carpet beetles – These tiny beetles are similar to the carpet moths. Almost undetectable until you start to notice damage in your carpets and rugs and steam cleaning will remove what is in the carpets and a pest control is required to break the life cycle
  • Silverfish – These are easier to spot and you can find them in your wardrobes and bookcases and they will also hide out in your carpeted areas. Steam cleaning will remove them as well as any eggs.

Our pest control treatment is recommended to break the insects life cycle

Our Capalaba Carpet Cleaning Service

Is a Stand Out​

We have invested in the best carpet cleaning equipment in Australia.

We use a van mounted Hydramaster Boxxer , which is a commercial carpet cleaning machine. We outlaid $25,000 for this piece of superior carpet cleaning equipment.

The portable steam cleaning machines that other carpet cleaning companies use – They just cannot get the results that we can achieve for your carpets. The Hydramaster gives a rapid dry steam clean, which means your carpets are cleaned and dried quickly.

The clean and rinse system is also safe on all carpeting fibres including wool and wool blend carpets and rugs.

A clean home needs to start with the carpets.

Carpeting feels luxurious underfoot – But it soon collects all the dirt and germs that you bring in from outside.

Pet hair and dander also build up as well as our own hair and skin cells and regular vacuuming just does not cut it. Get the best carpet cleaning Capalaba team to give your carpets a new lease of life

Why Should I Have A Carpet Cleaning Service

Vacuuming just won't cut it and the DIY hire portable carpet cleaning machines are honestly not up to the standards you should expect when trying to clean your carpets.

We mentioned what can be living in your carpets -Regular vacuuming cannot lift and destroy any eggs or larvae within the carpet pile.

Nor does it remove all the dust mites as effectively as what we can achieve.

Regular carpet cleaning (And this only has to be done annually or bi annually) will help to extend the life of your carpet.

Carpet is expensive to replace so a regular deep clean will keep it in top condition and keep it looking clean.

Stains and dirty marks can be depressing to look at.

Stains and dirt will also attract more dirt and grime to stick to the areas that are dirty. That is why you will see grimy areas getting bigger as more dirt particles build up where there is dirt already present.

Feel good about your home when you walk into a room and you are not seeing dirty and stained carpet. Get the best carpet cleaning Capalaba has by using our cleaning team in to bring them back to life.

Carpet Stain Removal – Before and After

carpet cleaning before and after

Other Services

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Professional Window Cleaning

We do the window cleaning , Capalaba home owners use time and time again. Get clean windows without any streaks! We wash and dry your windows as well as clean your window tracks and window sills. use us for an end of lease clean and we can offer window washing, carpet cleaning and pest control to get your bond money back.

carpet cleaning brisbane


Steam Carpet Cleaning

We offer professional quality carpet steam cleaning. Don't waste your time and money hiring carpet cleaning equipment to try and do it yourself. End of lease cleans usually stipulate ,carpets must be steam cleaned by professionals and also be pest treated We can also clean couches and upholstery too!

washing house


Exterior House Washing

External House Washing give so much satisfaction,watching the years of dirt, grime, mould and mildew being washed away. We love our job when our exterior house cleaning shows a new looking house underneath all the grime. We will not damage the exterior of your home when we wash your house clean. 

driveway cleaning


Pressure Driveway Cleaning

Is your driveway looking grimy? We will have your driveway and pathways looking like new. Our high pressure cleaning will wash away mould and mildew will make these surfaces safer as they create slippery areas on your walkways which are a slip hazard. and unsightly 

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Effective Pest Control

Pest control needs to be done properly. We know we can provide excellent pest management and our expert team will kill cockroaches, fleas, spiders, ants and other pests in your home. We can do your carpet cleaning and pest control in one day – Perfect for an end of lease clean

Capalaba House Washing Services


Whether you live in a small unit or a large waterfront mansion, we are the cleaning team to use.

Our professional team will get your home looking like brand new after the layers of dirt, pollution, mould and mildew are washed away. we pride ourselves as Capalaba's best house washing service and we will get the clean results without any damage to the surfaces that we clean.

We know what equipment to use for the best results.

Do not use a general handyman as they will use a high pressure cleaner – This will risk lifting paint and damaging the exterior of your property.

The cleaning products that we use are environmentally friendly to ensure we look after your home, plants , pets and you!

Capalaba Cleaning Services

We offer flexibility with our house washing and professional window cleaning services.

We can wash your entire home and other areas, or we can just do one or two services

The areas we can clean are:

Exterior Walls
Garage Doors
Windows Inside and outside

Window Tracks and Sills

Exterior Blinds
Screen Doors and Fly Screens
Patios and Pergolas
Pool Decks and Surrounds
Driveways and Paths
Carpets, Rugs and Upholstery

Top Sights

cleaning windows

Why You Need Our House Washing Services in Capalaba

By looking after your painted areas, you will save money as regular cleaning will slow down environmental damage from the build up of dirt and pollution. By washing away environmental contaminants, you will give all your painted areas a new lease of life. We use the correct cleaning equipment and we will not damage the paintwork by using high pressure cleaners or hash chemicals.

Are you getting ready to sell your home? Our house washing and home cleaning will create a sparkling clean home that gives instant appeal for potential buyers.

When we clean your home it will look like it has been freshly painted.

Steam cleaning your carpets will ensure that potential buyers will be impressed with the overall looks of the interior. Sparking clean windows will be the final Piece De Resistance when people are viewing your home…

When mould and mildew build up they can build up inside and outside your home and lead to possible health issues. Remove this unsightly build up with our Clean Your Home Cleaning service . We will make it look great and be a safer environment for you and your family's health. We can remove this build up WITHOUT the use of Chlorine or Bleach.

Window Cleaning Preparation in Capalaba

Please make sure that we have easy access to windows and sills and that they are clear of ornaments etc. Blinds should be raised. If possible furniture moved away. Our Capalaba window cleaning team will make a big difference to your homes appearance.

House Washing And Pressure Cleaning Preparation in Capalaba

Please make sure that areas to be cleaned are free from items that you do not want wet. Larger items should be covered.Make sure any external power outlets, lights and fuse boxes are weather proof.If you have a meter box that is not visible, eg, under a deck, please show us this before we start.We cannot be held liable for damages to items that are not weather proof or have incorrect exterior coatings.This includes power loss.Peeling of paint CAN occur if the paint is already cracked or aged. Please advise if windows leak. We do take care but sometimes some water can get in.

Carpet Cleaning Preparation in Capalaba

Please ensure all carpet areas to be cleaned are clear. We can help you move some portable items like chairs, tables, lounge suites, and beds on casters, however we are not responsible for any damages that may occur to your furniture or any other items while moving it as that is your own responsibility to do so.We don’t move heavy furniture, wall units, or anything with breakable items in or on it, and we can’t move TV’s and electronic equipment.You must clear the floor of any small items, like pot plants, books or toys.

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