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Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

carpet cleaning brisbane

Why our team is the BEST Carpet Cleaning Brisbane has, is due to the carpet cleaning equipment we have invested in and how we also steam clean your carpets and rugs to the strict Australian industry standards for carpet cleaning.

The AS/NZS 3733:1995 Standard clearly states:

Only hot water injection and extraction methods are currently demonstrated to be effective in leaving minimal residues in the carpet.

We will clean and protect your carpets and rugs with our specialist carpet cleaning service by the Clean Your Home cleaning team.

We clean your carpets and rugs to the Australian industry standard!

Our 5 Step Carpet Cleaning Process

  • Vacuum carpet and rugs to stop dry soiling.
  • Pre spray detergent onto the carpeted areas
  • Apply mild agitation and extract the dirty water and then rinse the carpets through with clean hot water
  • Groom rug pile if it is needed
  • Deoderise carpets for a that clean fresh finish
carpet cleaning brisbane

Many Insects Live And Breed In Your Carpet

The common insects that are found in Australian carpets are:

  • Dust mites – These little critters cause so many allergy symptoms and they are found in furnishings and mattresses. We can also clean these too so that we can keep dust mite levels right down
  • Fleas – Yep these pesky little bugs can quickly enter a home and they will breed in the carpets. The lifecycle of the insect and eggs need to be considered and we detect fleas in the carpet we can also do a pest control treatment and possible follow up treatment if it is required
  • Carpet moths – If you see small moths within your home or notice damage to your carpets( loose carpet fibres start lifting out)., then there is possibly little larvae munching through your carpet fibres. Our steam cleaning will remove all the eggs and larvae and a pest control treatment will be needed to kill the adult moths
  • Carpet beetles – These tiny beetles are similar to the carpet moths. Almost undetectable until you start to notice damage in your carpets and rugs and steam cleaning will remove what is in the carpets and a pest control is required to break the life cycle
  • Silverfish – These are easier to spot and you can find them in your wardrobes and bookcases and they will also hide out in your carpeted areas. Steam cleaning will remove them as well as any eggs.

Our pest control treatment is recommended to break the insects life cycle

Our Brisbane Carpet Cleaning Service

Is a Stand Out​

We have invested in the best carpet cleaning equipment in Australia.

We use a van mounted Hydramaster Boxxer , which is a commercial carpet cleaning machine. We outlaid $25,000 for this piece of superior carpet cleaning equipment.

The portable steam cleaning machines that other carpet cleaning companies use – They just cannot get the results that we can achieve for your carpets. The Hydramaster gives a rapid dry steam clean, which means your carpets are cleaned and dried quickly.

The clean and rinse system is also safe on all carpeting fibres including wool and wool blend carpets and rugs.

A clean home needs to start with the carpets.

Carpeting feels luxurious underfoot – But it soon collects all the dirt and germs that you bring in from outside.

Pet hair and dander also build up as well as our own hair and skin cells and regular vacuuming just does not cut it. Get the best carpet cleaning Brisbane team to give your carpets a new lease of life

Why Should I Have A Carpet Cleaning Service

Vacuuming just won't cut it and the DIY hire portable carpet cleaning machines are honestly not up to the standards you should expect when trying to clean your carpets.

We mentioned what can be living in your carpets -Regular vacuuming cannot lift and destroy any eggs or larvae within the carpet pile.

Nor does it remove all the dust mites as effectively as what we can achieve.

Regular carpet cleaning (And this only has to be done annually or bi annually) will help to extend the life of your carpet.

Carpet is expensive to replace so a regular deep clean will keep it in top condition and keep it looking clean.

Stains and dirty marks can be depressing to look at.

Stains and dirt will also attract more dirt and grime to stick to the areas that are dirty. That is why you will see grimy areas getting bigger as more dirt particles build up where there is dirt already present.

Feel good about your home when you walk into a room and you are not seeing dirty and stained carpet. Get the best carpet cleaning Brisbane has by using our cleaning team in to bring them back to life.

Carpet Stain Removal – Before and After

carpet cleaning before and after

Will Carpet Cleaning Help With Allergies?

Yes you will breathe easier!! Dust, pollen, pollutants, dust mites, hair and dander are all removed from your carpets.

We do not use harsh chemicals and hot water and steam do all the cleaning work.

We will ensure to use deodorisers that are are non irritating

Will All The Carpet Stains Be Removed?

First off – We need to define what can and cannot be removed when it comes to carpet stain removal

Discoloration caused by dirt and grime is when foreign matter settles on or around the carpet fibres and this can easily be removed.

Stains are harder to remove – They are usually caused by fluids and when a fluid or liquid penetrates a fibre they often cannot be removed as the fibre is permanently changed in colour. The most common stain in this bracket is a red wine stain.

Wear marks – these happen around doorways and the actual carpet fibres are worn down or away. The carpet can look discoloured in these main walk ways

Steam cleaning will bring these areas back to life and make them less noticable but it cannot fix actual damage to the carpet fibres.

Unfortunately – Some spots and stains cannot be "cleaned out" and they may need a carpet repair done.

When Will my Carpet Be Dry?

Depending on the weather and humidity – Drying times are between 3 and 6 hours.We recommend that windows and doors be left open and ceiling fans turned on to encourage the speed of the drying time.

Does Steam Cleaning Damage My Carpet Or Rugs?

It is NOT cleaning your carpets that will wear them out faster.

Dirt and grime particles act as abrasives when they are in the carpet pile. When walking over these areas the carpet fibres are damaged by the particles and over time these areas wear out.

Studies have shown that neglected carpets need replacing twice as fast as carpets that have regular vacuuming and semi regular steam cleaning..

What Preparation Is Required Before My Carpets Are Steam Cleaned?

The only preparation required is to have the carpeted areas cleared of objects and furniture.

Breakables should also be removed from any shelves or widow sills to prevent an accidental breakage.

We can help move lighter furniture items around – Eg Small bedside tables, chairs and coffee tables.If furniture is on rollers or castors – We can also move these items around.

If you have large heavy items like bookcases or buffets – You will have to arrange these to be moved off the carpets and back onto the carpets when they have dried completely.

We often just clean around these heavy items when the residents are not planning on moving out.

An end of lease carpet clean requires the entire carpeted areas to be cleared of all furniture

Upholstery Cleaning

We use the same techniques to clean your furniture, couches, mattresses and rugs that we use on your carpets.We get great results from removing dirt and grime.Note that the same applies to furniture in regards to some stains will be permanent is they have soaked into the fibres.

Why Use The Clean Your Home Team?

Not only are we the best carpet cleaning Brisbane has our customer service stands above the other carpet cleaning companies.

We do a detailed carpet cleaning service and use the most up to date equipment and eco friendly carpet cleaning products.

We deep clean the carpets eliminating all dirt and bacteria without the risk of carpets shrinking.

We promise there will be no high-pressure sale add ons and we give a quality service.

We will only suggest services that are required. The prices that we quote are totally inclusive with no hidden extra charges

The rates we quote you are completely inclusive.

We are not the cheapest Brisbane carpet cleaning service – Because in all reality – A cheap service will deliver cheap results.

You are better off hiring your own carpet cleaning equipment if cost is that much of a factor

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