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House Washing Is A Good Idea

House Washing Brisbane

You’ve probably come across the adage, ‘A clean home is a happy home.’
A clean home may not always be happy – But when a home is clean it does raise the positive energy vibes! Being in a clean and clutter free environment is something many of us want to achieve but lack of time and energy usually hold us back from reaching this goal

While it can be reasonably easy to carry out the daily cleaning chores of sweeping floors, general tidying and wiping down sinks and countertops.
When looking at a major spring clean you will have to break up the tasks so you can tackle it room by room or you can complete one task at a time for the entire home. Many home owners will hire a cleaning company to come in and clean the carpets or clean the windows

When it comes to doing a proper exterior clean can be whole new ball game. Cleaning a home’s exterior is time consuming and labor intensive. You may need to borrow, hire or buy the equipment needed. Often there are cleaning products and techniques that make the work easier that the general public are not aware of.
Save your stress levels and your time by using a professional house washing Brisbane companies.

washing house
brisbane house washing service

Benefits of House Washing Brisbane

Removes and prevents the growth of mould

Living in Brisbane, Queensland, you understand how challenging it is to manage mould during the summer time. High humid levels create a conducive environment for mould and mildew to survive.
If not taken care of, mould and mildew can gain a foothold that is not only plain ugly it can also pose a health hazard.

To be on the safe side, it is advisable to have your home and house surrounds regularly washed – At least every 12 months. This will also ensure that your gutters are cleared after the big gum leaf drop that happens each year. Blocked Gutters are a major area where the build up happens and you are not aware of it. Also underneath eaves and awnings is another area where it can quickly take a hold and then go on to damage fascia boards and external blinds and awnings.
During the cleaning process, any mould or mildew that has grown is removed, and regular washing helps to prevent further growth on fences, walls, decks and driveways.

House washing Brisbane increases the value of your home.

Believe it or not, washing your house regularly can significantly help with improving the market value of your home should you decide to sell it. Regular washing gives your house a clean look, which improves its curb appeal. This is a factor that attracts many buyers. If your house does not have a clean exterior, potential buyers may not be attracted to it, which will deter your chances of selling it at a reasonable price.

House washing protects the paint

Besides improving the appearance of your home, house washing Brisbane also helps to protect the exterior paint. It is important to note that dust, grime, and mildew can significantly affect the paint’s integrity on your walls. The problem is even more significant if your house is shaded by large trees and receives less sunlight. Mould thrives in humid and moist conditions, and once it begins to spread, it can cause peeling off the paint.

House washing tips

The Preparation Needed

Check the brick work for any loose cement or mortar – Do not apply direct pressure on areas that are loose.
If there are several sections where the mortar is loose and crumbling – Get this repaired and wait a week till you use a cleaner on it.
Work out areas where there is potential hazards like exterior lights and power outlets
Do not get these excessively wet
Remove outdoor furniture and pot plants that are close to the areas that you are cleaning.
You may want to send pets away for the day if you have pets that will not cope with the noise or could escape from the yard if gates are left open.

General Equipment You Will Need.

A high pressure washer with different nozzles and attachments
Gloves – Blisters happen before you are aware of them plus the washing can cause splinters on some surfaces
Glasses or eye shields – The spray and debris will bounce back at you.
Towel or rags to wipe areas down
Environmentally friendly detergents or cleaners

If you use a strong bleach and chlorine, it not only can damage the underlying surfaces, it is also toxic to the areas where it runs onto the ground.
There are mould inhibitors that will kill or slow down the return of the mould.
Bleach or chlorine does not kill mould – it only bleaches it so you cannot see it.
Read this article by Choice for more ideas.

Use a detergent based product – We use a citrus based solution that we order in from Europe.
Not only does it do a remarkable job in dissolving the grime – it smells great and is low toxic which is good for your garden and your pets.
We have seen many a garden destroyed by the wrong cleaning chemicals being used on a home’s exterior and the water run off going into the garden soil.
When washing your house you want to use low pressure less than 100 PSI so you don’t damage your house or remove paint and yes if it is too high it will lift off paint! This is how painters prepare weatherboards by high pressure cleaning them to remove loose paint!

Wet down the areas that you are cleaning and use a detergent product and apply onto the areas. Let the solution sit for 5-10 minutes so it loosens and dissolves the grime but do not let it dry out!
Use low pressure again to rinse house and remove the dirt grime away.
You can either use a pressure washer or the garden hose to rinse.

Using the right cleaning tools will also do a better job and not damage the surfaces you are cleaning.
We use brush and broom attachments and also telescopic wands so we can reach right up into the higher areas.
If you have a hard to reach or high area – use a telescopic wand.
Some can extend as much as 10 metres. Do not risk using ladders to try and reach high up areas.
The recoil when you turn on the washer can easily throw you off balance.

Let us help you

Although it is possible to clean your house by yourself, it may not be the best way to go. If your home needs a deep cleaning, hiring a professional house washing Brisbane company is the best option. Here at Clean your home, we’ve served the residents of Brisbane, Queensland, for years.

We are focused on providing quality services, and that’s why we use the best house washing equipment to ensure that the job is done right. If you like to work with us, or make an inquiry on our services, contact us now.

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