Time To Clean Your Windows, Home Exterior, or Carpets Again?

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House Washing Brisbane

house washers

Having your house washed is an instant facelift for your home.

We can achieve fantastic results for your home by giving your house a virtual detailing.All the dirt, mould and cobwebs are washed away.

We do NOT use bleach or chlorine – Other operators use these products because they do appear to work quickly – But they damage the surface, the paint and ruin any plants close to your home. Bleach does not kill mould it only hides it by bleaching out the pigmentation.

We use the power of citrus in an eco friendly detergent that has remarkable cleaning properties without the damage of the harsher chemicals.

We treat your home with the care and respect it deserves.

We are government registered water efficient operators and accredited Level 6 registered contractors through the External Cleaning Industry Association and we take this accreditation seriously.

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The Steps To The House Washing

When we wash your home – These are the steps we take:

We cover all areas with our citrus cleansing foam and we cover these areas:

  • Gutters
  • Eaves
  • Fascia boards
  • All exterior walls
  • Garage doors
  • Under cover areas of Patios, Carports and Pergolas.

We then use a fan lance attachment to inch by inch remove the detergent and grime.

The fan lance is a medium pressure and it will easily remove all the built up areas without any damage to the surfaces.

All care is taken with your home and if there are pre existing areas of peeling paint then the outcome will be explained before we go ahead.

After this thorough wash down, your house will air dry and look and feel fresh and new

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