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Our Brisbane pest control experts will treat the visible and invisible pests that are lurking in your home.

We do a check around your home and exterior to look for any insect activity and identify what is around.

Please note – Sometimes a repeat service maybe required for some types of pests type of pests to fully stop their breeding cycle and we will let you know beforehand what our recommendations are.

Pest Control Brisbane Service

Living in Brisbane or a warmer climate means that there are more creepy crawly's and pests in our homes and gardens

At Clean Your Home we are Brisbane house washing and carpet cleaning experts, so it makes sense that we also offer expert pest control when we have steam cleaned your carpets.

Our carpet cleaning and pest control service is perfect for an end of lease clean or when you do an all over clean to your property.

The old rule of thumb was that is you could see one cockroach, there would be 10 more that you couldn't see.

Roaches are nocturnal and can hide anywhere warm within the home

Recent advice from a study claims that 

"For every one you see there can be 1,000 you don't see"

This is according to Richard S. Patterson, who studies cockroaches in the Agriculture Department's Insects Affecting Man and Animals Laboratory. If you have regular pest treatments you will avoid a pest infestation and with cockroaches an infestation can take hold in a matter of weeks.

Our team are highly trained so that they can perform your pest control treatment with the best outcomes.With our skill and training you will not be exposed to hazardous chemicals and we make sure that we do the job quickly and effectively. We take the right precautions to make sure that your family and pets stay safe while treating the pests.

Preparation Before The Pest Treatment​

To get the best results, all areas need to be accessible for our team to access.

If we also have steam cleaned your carpets, your carpets are ready for our pest treatment

A clean and de cluttered house makes it easier for our pest technicians to spot and insect activity.

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Preparing the kitchen

The kitchen is the main hub of every home and it is also true when it comes to pests. There are perfect hiding areas,there are warm dark areas to hide, there is water around and of course there is food and food particles to eat.The main areas to clean before hand are the floor, behind the fridge, under the stove, around the dishwasher and in the cupboards. Put food all food in sealed containers or even store food short term in the fridge. Removing all items out of the pantry will ensure we get any insects hiding out among the shelves. Give your bench tops  a wipe down and remove appliances like kettles and toasters off the bench tops.

Be out of the home

The recommended time for people and pets to stay out of the pest treated area is 3 hours.

This give sufficient time for the treatments to take effect.If there is an expectant mother or infants under 12 months of age living in the property – It is advised to stay away for 24 hours

For more specific advice speak to your pest control Brisbane professional.

Pest Control and your Pets

Pest treatment chemicals are strong enough to kill pests and  they can affect your pets as well if they come into close contact with themBirds and fish are particularly sensitive to chemicals. Cages and tanks should be taken out of the house or if they are too big to move – Birds moved and caged else where.

Fish tanks can be securely covered so no airborne chemicals can settle on the water. Keep other pets away for 3 hours.

You can trust our Brisbane Pest Control Team.

We want to ensure that your pest treatment is successful!

Please talk to our cleaning team before the treatment if you have any questions

Call us now on (07) 2102 1248 to get a quote or to book your pest control treatment in.

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