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Window Cleaning Tips

Effective Window Cleaning Brisbane

Most homes in Brisbane will need to have their windows thoroughly cleaned at least once a year.
With being close to the coast, natural bushland areas and the high humidity, windows get dirty and they tend to get mildew on the glass and frames as well – inside and outside.

When it comes to a spring clean or general cleaning the home, the thought of window cleaning is overwhelming as you need to do the inside and the outside of the windows.
As a homeowner, you have two options when it comes to taking care of your windows.
You can either go the DIY window cleaning way or hire a professional window cleaning Brisbane company to do it for you.

Either way, you have to ensure that the window cleaning is done regularly to keep your windows looking streak-free and perfect.

window cleaning
brisbane windows cleaning

Benefits of Window Cleaning Brisbane

It improves the general appearance of the home

Most people spend a lot of their time cleaning the interior of their home and forget to clean the windows on both sides.
By not cleaning both sides of the glass you will still have dirty windows which bring down the efforts of your cleaning plus it prevents natural light coming into a room.
Clean windows are an instant way to significantly improve the lightness and brightness of a room plus the general curb appeal of your home is vastly improved.

Maintain The Windows

Did you know that dirty windows and frames will often have a shorter lifespan than those that are properly cleaned? This is caused by the accumulation of dirt and grime and trapped moisture, which weakens the putty and adhesives used to hold the glass in the window frame. There is nothing worse when a pane of glass rattles in the frame and allows water to seep in during a storm. However, when cleaning, it is vital to ensure that the water you are using is dried off the glass as most water contains minerals that will build up and leave water marks on the glass. Over time the water marks get harder and harder to remove.

Let the Light In

Windows are installed to allow in the natural light into a building. If proper window cleaning is not carried out on a regular basis, then the dirty glass will reduce the amount of natural light into the space. Therefore, it is important to clean away any dirt so that the windows can be more efficient in doing what they are supposed to.
Save power by not having to turn on lights as often as everything will instantly look lighter and brighter

Tips for Window Cleaning Brisbane

If you do decide to give cleaning your windows a go – These tips will help with the big job ahead

  • Cleaning windows on a cloudy day is the best time to wash your windows. Don’t clean windows in direct sunlight, especially during summer. The sunlight dries the glass faster than you can wash and squeegee it clean. This will leave unsightly streaks on your window and you will have to go over it twice
  • If there is a lot of dust and dust on the glass or frame. Remove as much as you can with a dry brush.If the dirt remains on the glass you will have instant mud to deal with when it comes into contact with the water and cleaning solution. After wiping off the dirt, spray the windows using a hose, and you can now start cleaning.It would be best if you used a squeegee for maximum efficiency when cleaning your windows. It is one of the professional tools that we use for all window cleaning Brisbane services.
  • Cleaning Stubborn Marks Dealing with tough dirt is one of the pains when it comes to window cleaning To remove any deposits of glue, sticky tape or paint, An oil based solvent like WD40 or a Citrus Oil cleaner will easily help to soften these marks and then use a razor to scrape off the deposits. Be careful not to scratch the glass.

Sounds Too Difficult To Clean Them Yourself?

Save your time and sanity and let us help you quickly get this task done! As you know- getting windows streak free is not as easy as it seems and often it will require windows to be cleaned and dried several times when you are first starting out. We have been doing this for years and we get it done right quickly!
If you are looking for a professional window cleaning company that will give your windows a proper clean and at affordable rates, we are your best option.
At Clean Your Home, we use eco-friendly and non toxic cleaning solutions and the right tools to get the excellent results you expect.
Contact us today for your free quotation.

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